AI Dashcam

Experience the cutting-edge of road safety with our all-new 4-channel AI Dashcam. Capture real-time footage from multiple views, providing an unmatched advantage for insurance claims and enhanced on-road security with precise in-cab alerts.Stay alert with precise in-cab alerts
AI Dashcam

Road + Driver Facing + 2 Side-View Cameras

Tailored Setups for Specific Needs


Live HD Video Stream

Clear Imagery for Accurate Monitoring


In-cab Audio/ Visual Alerts

On Overspeed, Harsh Acceleration, Braking


Drive Guard

Manually Bookmark Road Events

AI Dashcam

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Dashcam Max
360° Incident Capture

Providing real-time footage from multiple perspectives

Audio and Visual Alerts
Get in-cab alerts for high-risk events to prevent accidents
Receipt & Review
Reduce Insurance Premium
By capturing critical events even with the engine off
Live Footage & Privacy

Access real-time footage with the option to disable driver-facing cameras

Reduce Accidents
Reduce Accidents
With coaching tool to help drivers practice safe driving habits
Footage Report

Download Footage for Insurance Claims

Download critical event footage effortlessly, even when the engine is off. Access real-time footage from multiple views using our 2-channel setup, offering evidentiary support for potential disputes or claims.

Enhance Driver Safety with Coaching

Real-time logs of critical events aid tailored coaching sessions by fleet managers. Drivers receive personalized behavior notes post trip to schedule coaching, ensuring proactive skill enhancement and improved safety.
AI Dashcam

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Easy Installation, high-definition cameras, simultaneous recording

$ 220

One-Time Hardware
AI Dashcam

$ 19

Per Month

Add-On Services

GPS Tracking

Live GPS Only

Add-On Service

$ 4

Per Month

Live Video with Live GPS

Add-On Service

$ 10

Per Month

Extra Driver-Facing Camera

Add-On – $10/month per dashcam
built into First Camera

$ 10

Per Month
Side View

Extra Per Side Camera

Add-On – $3/month per sidecam

$ 3

Per Month

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