Pairs with TruckX Wired Asset Tracker to get Temperature & Humidity Alerts

Temperature Sensor

Monitor Reefer Temperature

FSMA (Food Safety Management System) compliance with evidence of maintained temperature control

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Monitor Temperature

Check Temperature from our unique Mobile App anytime anywhere

Monitor Humidity

Keep a check on Humidity for your precious cargo remotely anywhere

Live Alerts

Get active alerts right your phone when Temperature or Humidity changes

Temperature Sensor

Temperature & Humidity sensor

  • Logs Temperatures & Humidity every 5 minutes
  • Automatically connects TruckX Wired tracker
  • Tiny size
  • Long Battery Life
  • Remotely Monitor Temperature & Humidity
  • Put one in each pallet for LTL or as per shipper requirements

Monitor Freshness

Take control of your Reefer units
Monitor Temperature throughout the trips
Share with your shipper & broker
Save Money on false insurance claims

Temperature Image
Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Temperature Alerts

Set Temperature Alerts & receive on Mobile app
Set Humidity Alerts & receive on Mobile app

Temperature & Humidity Sensor Plan

Automatically connects to TruckX Wired Asset Tracker


One-Time Hardware

Temperature Sensor


Per Year

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