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New HOS Rules? Starting Sep 29,2020

  1. Short haul exemption extended to 150 air-miles
    • Remember this is 150 air-miles and not miles on your truck
    •  150 air-miles is from the Terminal address
    • Previously short haul exemption was 100 air miles
  2. Adverse driving conditions exemption allows 2 hours of extra driving and extends Shift time by 2 hours as well
    • Important to note that extending shift to 16 hours by Adverse Driving Exemption does not increase 70 hours cycle time. 34 hours break is still required after 8 days 70 hours cycle
    • Only applies when there is Unexpected situations. Like unexpected snowfall, or unexpected traffic or delays due to accident
    • You cannot take exemption due to January snowfall in  Michigan, for example. It has to be something you would have not known about before starting your trip
  3. 30 minutes break required can be On Duty as well
    • No need to show 30 mins break in Off Duty all the time
    • Combination of 15 mins On Duty and 15 Mins Off Duty break also counts
  4. Split sleeper is modified from 8 + 2 to 7 + 3. This allows 10 hours to be split in 7 hours sleeper and 3 hours off duty
    • You can still split 10 hours reset into 8 hours in Sleeper and 2 Off Duty
    • Remember minimum 7 hours has to be in Sleeper Berth Only