AI Dashcam: A Revolutionizing Cost and Risk-Saving Tool

In the hasty world of trucking, every penny counts. Downtime due to accidents, false accusations, and fraudulent claims can impede a trucker’s income or threaten an entire fleet’s livelihood. This is where an AI dashcam acts as your silent guardian on the road. 

Traditional dashcams record footage, but AI dashcams take it a step further. They are crucial tools for modern trucking fleets. They record the road ahead and capture valuable data. Then, using artificial intelligence to analyze the real-time video feed, they detect risky situations like lane departure, following too closely, and potential collisions. 

Read on to learn more about AI dashcam and its real-world benefits for your trucks and fleets.

AI Dashcam

What is a dashcam?

Ever wonder what those little cameras stuck on truck dashboards are for? They are dashboard cameras or dashcams. In the current trucking industry, a dashcam has evolved from an ancillary component to an all-important tool for ensuring safety, efficiency, and accountability.

Trucking is unpredictable, making safety for you and your fleet paramount. That’s where a dashcam comes to the rescue. It provides unquestionable evidence in case of accidents, helping to determine fault and safeguard your interests. Thanks to technological advancements, we now have intelligent dashcams that offer many additional features.

Here’s a look at the three main types of dashcams to consider:

1. Traditional dashcam

Traditionally, dashcams recorded the road and served primarily as evidence in the event of accidents or disputes. However, the good old dashcam lacks all the advanced features available today. It is a time-consuming tool that involves loop recording (overwriting older footage) onto a microSD card. Consider your truck met with an accident 200 miles from where you are. To retrieve the footage, you must go there, take out the physical SD card, and put it into a reader.

2. Cloud dashcam

This tech-savvy option uploads footage to a secure cloud storage service, allowing remote access to footage and enabling fleet managers to monitor and access their vehicles from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s excellent for managing storage space and sharing clips remotely, but data usage and subscription fees can add up.

3. AI dashcam (Smart dashcam)

The future of trucking is here! AI dashcams use artificial intelligence to analyze the road in real-time. They prioritize safety through intelligent interventions. They use computer vision and vehicle data to locally detect safety events, share select event footage, and alert the fleet owner. AI dashcams leverage artificial intelligence algorithms to provide proactive safety features such as lane departure warnings, collision detection, and driver fatigue alerts. These features can significantly enhance road safety.

What does an AI Dashcam do?

An AI dashcam is more than just a video recording device. It uses artificial intelligence to monitor vehicle performance, enhance driver safety, and lower road risks. It empowers drivers to make better decisions behind the wheel. The AI dashcam’s advanced algorithm analyzes real-time footage. It detects and alerts drivers to hazards such as lane departures, forward collisions, or erratic driving behavior.

AI dashcams transform how trucking companies manage fleets and protect their drivers. Additionally, they offer valuable insights into driver behavior and vehicle health, allowing for route optimization for greater efficiency. Thus, as the technology evolves, AI dashcams are poised to become the standard for any forward-thinking trucking operation.

Why do your trucks' need an AI Dashcam?

1. Minimizes Liability

Having clear and conclusive evidence is vital in the unfortunate event of an accident or dispute. AI dashcams with 360-degree coverage provide indisputable video evidence in case of an accident. With their high-quality video recording coupled with advanced AI algorithms, these devices aid in resolving disputes swiftly and minimize legal liabilities and associated costs.

2. Lower Truck Insurance Premiums

AI dashcam advanced algorithms allow fleet managers excellent visibility into the fleet’s safety. The camera monitors drivers’ behavior and provides insights about hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, hard cornering, etc. These insights signal your insurance firm’s mindfulness toward safety. As a result, some insurance providers might offer discounts and lower premiums.

3. Enhances Safety

These devices go beyond recording incidents. They use modern technologies like real-time object recognition and machine learning to alert the driver about potential hazards on the road. Road-facing or front-facing cameras warn drivers about imminent collisions, unsafe following distances, and lane departures. Meanwhile, the driver-facing camera assesses their behavior, such as fatigue or drowsiness, and ensures a distraction-free drive.

4. Supports Driver Coaching and Training

AI dashcams offer invaluable insights into driver performance and behavior. By analyzing driving patterns, adherence to safety protocols, and compliance with regulations, fleet managers can identify areas for improvement, such as harsh braking or improper lane changes, and tailor training programs accordingly. Trucking companies can use this data to enhance individual driver skills and build a culture of accountability, leading to a safer and more efficient driving force.

Features to look out for in an AI Cloud Dashcam

AI dashcams are a powerful tool for improving safety, protecting drivers, and streamlining operations. However, with myriad options available in the market, choosing the right AI dashcam can be overwhelming. 

Here are seven key features trucking companies should prioritize:

1. Storage Capacity & Cloud Uploads

Standard dashcams record continuously but overwrite older footage, and with limited memory, force you to swap out SD cards constantly. Meanwhile, AI dashcams have ample internal storage and seamlessly upload footage to the cloud. Cloud storage ensures continuous recording, eliminates the risk of losing footage due to damaged SD cards, and facilitates remote access for fleet managers.

2. Higher Video Quality

Sharp, high-resolution video is crucial for capturing crucial details in accident scenarios. Opt for a dashcam with high-definition video quality and extraordinary vision at night. Clear, detailed footage accurately documents road events and provides valuable evidence in accidents or disputes. Higher resolution allows for better identification of license plates, road signs, and other vital information during an incident, especially at night.

3. Easy to Install

Time is of the essence in the trucking industry. Choose an AI dashcam that is easy to install and minimizes disruptions. A straightforward installation process also reduces the likelihood of errors or complications. Look for a device with self-explanatory or straightforward, user-friendly instructions for technicians or drivers.

4. Number of Channels

Consider the level of coverage you require. Dual-channel systems capture the road and the driver’s cabin. The four-channel AI dashcam gives a 360-degree incident capture, providing a more comprehensive view of events. It’s up to you to decide if a dual-channel or four-channel option offers better protection and driver coaching opportunities.

5. On-call 24/7 Customer Support

Technical issues can arise anytime, so reliable customer support is essential. Choose an AI dashcam provider with a dedicated team available 24/7 to promptly address any issues or concerns, keeping your operation running smoothly.

6. Backup Battery

Power outages or accidents can compromise the functionality of dashcams powered solely by the vehicle’s electrical system. Look for AI dashcams with a built-in backup battery that ensures continuous recording even if the truck’s engine is off. This safeguards critical footage in case of accidents during parking or rest stops.

7. Event Alerts

Look for AI dashcams with intelligent event detection features. These alerts notify fleet managers in real-time of critical events such as harsh braking, sudden acceleration, or collisions, allowing immediate action.

Investing in an AI dashcam with these essential features can significantly enhance your trucking operation’s safety, efficiency, and accountability. So, why look elsewhere when you have TruckX?

Why TruckX's AI Dashcam?

TruckX’s AI dashcam system offers a powerful solution, leveraging cutting-edge technology to empower your fleet. It goes far beyond utilizing onboard artificial intelligence to analyze every moment on the road. This real-time analysis detects critical events, providing immediate feedback and proactive risk mitigation. 

TruckX’s AI dashcam provides 360-degree incident capture, which can be undeniable evidence in an accident. High-definition footage, remarkable night vision, and AI-powered data analysis strengthen your position in any insurance claim. This translates to faster resolutions, reduced costs, and the ability to protect your company from fraudulent claims.

Types of TruckX's AI Dashcam

2-Channel AI Dashcam

TruckX’s 2-channel AI dashcam captures real-time footage from two simultaneous views. The 2-channel has a driver-facing camera that can be activated and removed (if desired) for privacy based on fleet preferences. Additionally, the device provides a live HD video stream, Drive Guard Capture, which bookmarks road events and in-cab audio/video alerts.

4-Channel AI Dashcam

TruckX’s 4-channel AI dashcam captures real-time footage with multiple views and 360-degree incident capture. It also provides the same optional driver-facing model, which can be removed if desired for privacy. Additionally, it gives two side-facing camera attachments that can be placed outside the vehicle. Optionally, when ordering via phone, the user can replace the driver-facing model with a backward-facing camera attachment for the outside of the truck.

Features of TruckX's AI Dashcam

    • It provides about five days of local storage with a backup battery, so the dashcam operates even during a halt or engineer shut-off.
    • The dashcam device’s AI algorithms identify safety events locally, alert the owner, and automatically upload them to the platform.
    • It provides a Driver Safety Score and safety event reporting, enhancing driver safety and coaching flows.
    • It uploads easily accessible vehicle snapshots for the fleet manager to remotely access during an emergency or casually check in on their asset.
    • TruckX provides 24/7 multilingual on-call customer support to identify event times and remotely retrieve footage.
    • It automatically captures the vehicle’s GPS coordinates and allows the fleet admin to track vehicle location and access trip history remotely.


An AI dashcam offers advanced insights and protection for fleets and drivers. The integration of AI aids in getting real-time event alerts and seamless cloud uploads, revolutionizing how trucking companies monitor and manage their operations. Beyond the benefits of enhanced safety and accountability, these devices provide invaluable data for fleet optimization, driver training, and insurance claims management.

TruckX’s AI dashcam empowers you to take control of your driving experience. It provides real-time insights, proactive safety measures, and seamless data management capabilities. Our AI dashcam boasts superior image quality, ensuring clear video evidence in any lighting condition. Visit our website today to explore our range of AI dashcams and find the perfect fit for your vehicle.