Dashcams Can Significantly Improve Safety And Save Money

The fatality rate in accidents involving trucks rose by 1% in 2019, though the overall rate in other traffic accidents somewhat declined. Further, the number of truck accidents (fatal or otherwise) is currently the highest in 30 years, according to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) data. About 885 truckers died, while the number of other people killed in these incidents reached over 4,000. 


As a response to the increasing rate of accidents, the ATA (American Truck Association) has been trying to take effective measures, prompting growing investment in technology and truckers’ training programs. As a result, many modern-day motor vehicles are technologically advanced, and drivers are adept atusingat using the tech integrations that promote safety on the roads. 


Installing dashcams in every vehicle is one such move encouraged by trucking companies across the country. Currently, there is a high demand for both driver-facing and road-facing cams in the trucking industry. Besides ensuring safety, the dash cams also help the fleet owners/operators save a lot of money. 

Are you wondering how? Scroll on!

Improve drivers’ training exercises

While this is not directly linked to safety, dashcams can help weed out poor practices and habits that don’t meet the necessary safety standards. By recording videos and images of driving exercises, one can easily identify flaws and enhance driving methods. Even unduly aggressive driving behavior can be controlled with dashcams, as drivers are likely to be careful. While, as a rule, incentives work better than reprimands, in extraordinary situations you may even want to penalize repetitive poor behavior by referring to the images and videos recorded on the dashcams. 

Reduce road rage accidents

Image Courtesy :TruckX Dashcam

Driver behavior is integral to enhancing safety on the roads. Not only truckers but also other people need to be calm and careful at the wheel. Road-rage is, unfortunately, becoming more common in drivers thus increasing the risks of accidents. If you encounter such people on the road while driving, the presence of the dashcam and the reminder that their behavior may be recorded could help remind them of their responsibilities. They will be forced to control their aggressive attitude in the presence of the cam. Such subtle and timely moves can help improve safety on the road. 

It provides evidence in unfortunate situations

Image Courtesy :TruckX dashcam

The dashcams also help collect evidence in dangerous situations, e.g., the truck hitting another vehicle or vice-versa. The images will help establish responsibility, the trucker, or the person driving the other vehicle. Even if one does not cause an accident directly, the cam can help save others involved in it by encouraging responsible behavior. For example, the dashcam captures the entire road ahead. Hence, in case of a road accident, the dashcam footage may provide supporting evidence to the authorities. Drunk-driving, rage-driving, and simple carelessness can be captured on the dashcam, thus enhancing clarity.

Cut down in premium rate


Commercial auto insurance premium rates tend to be lower for vehicles with dashcams as these cams also have a preventive impact. Some insurers also go the extra mile to encourage the installation of dashcams in large commercial vehicles by offering discounts on premiums. If you see it from another angle, you will save a lot of money by installing dashcams in your truck. In case of accidents, these preventative cams will provide enough evidence to analyze whose fault it was. It will also help get the claims approved faster. 

Reduce the chances of fraudulent claims


Fraudsters are everywhere, waiting to jump at every opportunity to extort money from others. Many a time, a trucker may be falsely implicated in an accident with such malicious intent. In such instances, the dashcam footage will prove their innocence, thus averting the high cost of liability claims. FMCSA reveals that the average expenses of large truck crash amount to $91,000. In case of injuries, the claim amount may reach $200,000. By installing a dashcam in your vehicle, you can escape the unnecessary burden of expensive incidents that are not your responsibility. Of course, liability and personal injury lawsuits do more harm than just creating financial hazards. They suck up time and energy and cause stress. It’s better to stay prepared with a dashcam in your truck. 

Do you see how a functional dashcam can save your reputation, as well as your finances? Dashcams not only help improve safety but also secure the jobs of truckers. Given the high cost of liability claims, it’s not farfetched to claim that they could save small trucking businesses from being dealt a body blow that could shut the business. 

The trucking industry is going through major upheaval right now. Advanced technologies are disrupting the sector for good. It’s time to take advantage of them to increase job security and ensure safety. If you are wondering where to start, you may contact us at contact@truckx.com, a reliable trucking solutions provider that offers upgraded technology solutions for your specific needs. From high-functional dashcams to ELDs, they are a one-stop shop for your trucking requirements. You may visit their official website once for more information regarding their fleet management solutions. Stay safe and keep others safe!