The “Must-Have” Features Of Asset Tracking Solutions For Small And Mid-Sized Trucking Fleets

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Trucking is a massive industry in the United States with 13.4% of all registered vehicles being commercial trucks. 


Trucking fleets carry several goods and products from one place to the other. Fleets typically depend on several pieces of infrastructure to carry out their business. That includes trucks (obviously). It also includes containers, reefers, dumpsters, and several other specialized and general-purpose items. Trucking company owners need to be able to track these assets and map that to fleet movement. This is essential to ensure optimal utilization, efficient cost management, and smart maintenance. With technological advancements, different types of automated asset tracking solutions are now available for this purpose. 


Asset tracking solutions can come with a wide range of features and options. The following are a few must-have features for such solutions. 


Key Features Real-time tracking

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The main purpose of asset tracking solutions is to get transparent visibility into the real-time location of the trucking assets. Trucking managers and company owners must know the exact position, utilization, and status of every asset at all times. 


Real-time tracking is an essential feature. The best asset trackers use GPS technology with cloud connectivity to constantly provide real-time location details and updates. Fleet managers can then match the real-time and the ideal location details to track variations and ensure availability when needed. 


The information from the real-time tracking feature can be useful when customers wish to have details of the live location. Constant visibility can enable trucking companies to also ensure that assets are always available at the location where they are needed. 

Alerts and Notifications

Real-Time Alerts

The loss of equipment can hurt any trucking organization. The asset tracking solutions should have the feature of generating alerts and notifications in such scenarios. For instance, trackers may get remove accidentally or on purpose. The asset tracking solution should be able to issue live alerts if such removal takes place. The fleet managers will receive these alerts and will be able to differentiate between accidental and estimated occurrences and be able to act accordingly. 


Good battery back-up

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The internal and backup battery of the asset tracking solution must be good. Trucks can take several hours or even days to complete a trip and reach the destination. Asset trackers need to work without charging for longer hours to serve their purpose. If these tracking solutions shut down midway then real-time tracking or live alerts will get compromised. 


In fact, tracking solutions should also generate alarms and alerts in case of a low battery. It will be possible to charge these solutions in time to experience continued hassle-free performance. 


Modern asset trackers are also coming with the latest in sustainable options like an option for solar-powered devices. 

Ease of usage

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The asset tracking solutions must offer ease of usage with high levels of simplicity in its features and operations. In many cases, these solutions will need attention or inputs from truckers and other employees who may not be tech-savvy. It should be easy for them to use these tracking solutions. The asset tracking solution must have self-explanatory features. These solutions must be managed through an intuitive front-end mobile/web application. These apps must provide end-users with the options to track the fleet, generate/receive alerts, report an issue, and others. These apps must be easily accessible on the web and mobile platforms.

Flexibility in connecting with other devices/technologies

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Trucking companies nowadays rely significantly on technology to manage and track their respective fleets. Temperature and door sensors, for example, are in use to ensure the safety of the goods and material. Organizations are using wired and wireless technologies to automate other aspects of trucking operations. 


The asset tracking solutions should also have the flexibility to connect with numerous such devices and technologies. Apart from sensing technologies, these solutions must be compatible with Bluetooth technologies. They should easily sync with Smartphones and other mobile devices in use by the drivers and other resources.  


Internet of Things, IoT is an emerging technology and the trucking industry is quickly adapting to it. The asset tracking solution shall offer ease of connection and flexibility to connect with IoT devices too as these solutions evolve.

24x7 support

Despite the ease of usage and simplicity of operations, there can be various instances where the end-users may find it difficult to understand a specific feature. There may also be technical glitches or mistakes while using the asset tracking solutions. 24×7 support is extremely critical to resolving such concerns in a flash. 


The service providers of the asset tracking solutions must provide numerous options for customers to connect with them. The responses to queries must be quick with detailed guidance on the specific issue/concern. 


Technology is simplifying several operational aspects for trucking companies. Asset tracking solutions, for instance, offer great value with multiple options and features. It is important to have the right combination of design, usability, functionality, and simplicity in these solutions to derive the maximum benefit. Connect with us to know more about the power of asset tracking and management solutions with the power of the latest technology.