How Trucking Companies Can Reduce Accidents


Trucks are often in the spotlight when it comes to accidents and fatalities. An analysis points out that 71% of the deaths from large-truck crashes in 2020 were of occupants of other vehicles. About 17% of the deaths were of truck occupants and 12% of bicyclists or pedestrians.

The question is – what actually causes these accidents?

Many people point toward rash driving, alcohol abuse, and even drugs. But data shows that most accidents happen due to mechanical faults, driver fatigue, and lack of sleep. Fatal accidents involved over 5000 large fleets, with 892 casualties of truck occupants in 2019, according to a 2021 FMCSA survey.

So, what can be the plausible solution?

Restructuring the technology used in maintaining and functioning the trucks can be a real game-changer. Along those lines, new assets and cloud cams can be the right answer. Let’s take a deep dive at the know-how of these preventive measures.

Preventive Measures to Reduce Accidents

Cloud Dashcam

Cloud dashcams can be one answer to accidents caused by driver fatigue. These dashcams are installed in large fleets with access available to the operations or fleet manager. Driving at turns, sharp edges, or amidst traffic — all the related happenings can be seen for good and in real-time. Hard brake scenarios can also be identified with these dashcams. 


As such, the person operating the live footage can alert the driver in real time. In case of high fatigue or ill health, the dashcams serve to be ideal in finding the issue before it becomes fatal. As these dashcams have cloud storage, this footage gets reserved and can be used for accident claims.



The Internet of things is revolutionizing how we see the world, and the trucking space is no different. Consider this; a door sensor is the best example of preventing accidents with the help of technology. These sensors can alert in real time when the door is not shut correctly. This can help safeguard the driver from distractions and prevent any mishap during the drive. 


It even allows the admin to check how many times the door was opened during the journey. Real-time SOS messages are sent in case the doors are not properly locked, creating a great safety net for the driver and the packages.

Asset Trackers

The trucking industry has been changing, and for good, with regard to the implementation of asset tracking. Harsh conditions, weather updates, rerouting, and whatnot have been bothering the large fleet trucks, at times delaying the deliveries. Asset trackers are useful for monitoring a variety of junctions when it comes to freights. These trackers can come in handy to locate the truck via GPS and drive real-time monitoring. 


Besides, asset trackers are ideal for finding the best route and assessing the weather conditions on a particular journey. These can work wonders to reroute the truckers in case they hit a hurricane-prone or disastrous area. In this way, accidents can be limited to a certain extent with the help of weather or temperature sensors


Another aspect of asset tracking can be the possibility of fleet maintenance. Checking the previous records of the fleet can help identify a probable flaw that can lead to an accident if not addressed promptly. Mechanical wear and tear often lead to damage and accidents. Thus, proactively identifying these flaws can help prevent fatal crashes.

Rigorous Training and Background Check

One of the best ways to deal with accidents can be rigorous training of truckers and doing a thorough background check. Drivers need to be physically fit, exhibit proper concentration levels, and shouldn’t feel fatigued during the journey. They must be trained on how to judge a harsh situation. 


Panicking or feeling anxious can be dangerous in such situations and can lead to accidents. Trucking companies need to put training models in place to prepare drivers for harsh scenarios. Critical thinking and decision-making evaluation with proper background checks can help big time. Some drivers have a history of rash driving, and that should not be ignored.

In a Nutshell

Technology can certainly save the day in the trucking industry. Cloud Dashcams, IoT sensors, and asset trackers are highly-recommended for trickling down the hazards.


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