Meet The TruckX Asset Tracker Family Of Products


Trucking is the supply-chain backbone of the United States, carrying over 70% of all goods transported in the country. 


To deliver those goods, trucking companies use an array of assets. They own (or rent) trucks, containers, reefers, dumpsters, and other specific equipment for unique purposes. These assets cost money to buy or rent. They need to be always maintained in peak condition. They have to be available when the company needs them, preferably where the company needs them. This means the trucking company needs a way to know exactly what assets they hold, what condition they are in, how they are being used, and where they are at the time. And they need to have all this information in real-time and with complete transparency. That’s where asset trackers come into the picture.


TruckX has a wide range of asset trackers to smartly locate an array of assets at any time and any location and provide the latest information on their status. Let’s meet the TruckX Asset Tracker family of solutions.

Smart Asset Tracker

Our asset trackers offer real-time tracking to locate assets at any time. Integration with other smart devices, such as temperature sensors or humidity sensors comes easy with these powerful devices to provide amped up services like transparent visibility into the status of the goods being transported at all times. 


Features and Benefits

  • Real-time tracking is the primary feature of this device for powered and unpowered assets. The details of the exact location provide the following benefits to the fleet managers and trucking company owners. 
    • 24×7 access to the real-time location to promote safety and security of the assets 
    • Route optimization as per the location details to improve fuel efficiency and enhance the overall cost-savings 
  • Integration with the other IoT sensors, such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, and trailer door notifications sensors to assure safety and quality maintenance of the assets 
  • Supreme battery to offer non-stop usage with large battery back-up 
  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 
  • IP67 waterproof to avoid any product damage 
  • Effective management of the asset utilization with constant tracking 


TruckX offers the smart asset tracker plan to its end-users as one-time hardware at USD 119. Procuring it with an annual cost of USD 99 adds features like live tracking after every thirty seconds, motion detection, location sharing, and integration with the temperature sensor. 


Wired Asset Tracker

Wired asset trackers are specifically designed for easy installation in reefers or any other powered asset. These enable effective tracking of the equipment for better visibility and efficiency. 


Features and Benefits

  • Effective visibility of the fleet at any time to assure the safety and security of the assets 
  • Small in size to easily stall in reefers, tracker, or any other powered asset 
  • Instant alert on the removal of the tracker to inquire on the validity of the same and avoid the scenarios of theft or any other fraudulent activity
  • Geofence alerts to avoid theft and promote the safety of the assets 
  • Constant tracking of the usage and the engine hours for better billing and deployment 
  • Wireless connectivity and integration with the sensors for better fleet management 
  • Water-resistant design to avoid any device damage 
  • Quick installation in less than 10 minutes  



Wired asset trackers provide excellent returns on investment as these come at a one-time hardware cost of USD 69. These have the option to connect directly with the reefer battery and also have one year warranty. At an additional annual cost of USD 99, the wired asset trackers provide the features as live asset tracking at an interval of 30 seconds. These also include essential features as route history, motion detection, and sharing of the live location details.

To Sum it Up

On average, trucks move more than 10 billion tons of freight annually. Several risks are possible in the movement of the assets from one location to the other and these may lead to the damage of the products, monetary loss, and lack of customer engagement. It is necessary to use technology to keep a track of the assets while ensuring their safety and quality maintenance. Various asset trackers by TruckX serve these purposes by enabling real-time tracking of the assets. These products not only promote the security, safety, and quality aspects but also contribute to the fulfillment of the customer expectations. Effective usage of the asset trackers can assist trucking companies to emerge as stronger players with an eye on the future.