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ELD Mandate Compliance

We have the best ELD for your fleets that are in compliance with the FMCSA standards. We provide you tools and services to run your operations efficiently.

Ease of Use

We build it with truck driver’s in mind.

  • Easily manage driver logs
  • Plug and play in minutes
  • Stay up to date with latest FMCSA compliance.
  • Meet all the needs.We have option for wired ELD tablet and wireless ELD. 

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TruckX have friendly support team to help you through any questions you have. We will troubleshoot the issue in a timely manner so your trucks can get back on the road quickly.

“”Saved huge amount of time and money for my business. I know exactly my driver’s active, and what our mileage is. I recommend TruckX to all my friends.Its more than ELD solution.”

Walter Zepeda,
Owner Operator at Southern Counties Express

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