The 7 Must-Have Accessories That Every Trucker Needs


Long-haul truckers have an 11 to 14 consecutive hours driving window, so they are constantly on the go. But at the same time, they also have an average idle time of over 1800 hours per year for rest and recharging. 

To prepare for these rest periods, each truck driver outfits themselves with a set of items. These can include everything from comfort items to hygiene supplies, ensuring their time off the road is convenient and comfortable.

We’ve segmented these items into seven categories to shed light on all necessary truck driver roadside equipment. Let’s dive right into it.

Essential Accessories for Truckers

1. Food

It’s not just food items we are talking about here. Alongside food, truckers also need shrewd ways to handle and store this food. To keep perishable items, like fruits, from spoiling, every truck may be fitted with a mini-fridge. Many truckers also ensure that they carry non-perishable items if they don’t have a mini fridge installed. Trucks that are due for longer stretches (days at a time) often have cooking equipment. There are basic portable utensils stacked up for usage. Snacks and protein bars are also great additions while on a long-haul delivery — not to forget extra water for on-point hydration.


2. Weather

Weather can be troublesome in areas of scorching heat or extremes of cold. Truckers should be equipped with the right gear to avoid any health issues due to weather conditions. Along those lines, the essential items to carry at all times can be sunglasses, hats, blankets, gloves, waterproof boots, etc. All these things are ideal for extreme weather conditions. Sun shades for windshields and windows can also come in handy for an easy and comfortable drive. If the weather demands it, heaters or heated blankets certainly bode well.


3. Comfort

Comfort can’t be compromised! All long-haul truckers must have the necessary gear to accommodate the utmost level of comfort. These can include a variety of equipment with distinct uses. For instance, some truckers love organization bags, which have all their essentials in the passenger seat. Likewise, when the route is unfamiliar, a cell phone mount is a lifesaver for more comfortable navigation. Some truckers vouch for a seat cushion for that extra fluffy comfort during the long hours on the road. A Bluetooth headset and a small fan that can be clipped near the driver’s seat are a couple of other comfort items.

4. Hygiene

Due to their exposure to infectious environments while traveling, truckers must practice good hygiene. They can equip themselves with extra clothes, toiletries, trash cans, and other similar items recommended for a safe drive. A proper shower kit is also needed for either a built-in shower or showering on the go in convenience stores. Besides, every trucker out there should have a go-to checklist of items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, soap, deodorant, etc., as a cleanliness check.

5. Entertainment

The need for entertainment is critical during long drives. Truckers need a constant medium to keep themselves entertained and occupied. To that end, some trucks have TV sets for entertainment on the go, while some truckers rely on music to keep themselves amused. Keeping an e-reader is also a great way to relax and unwind after a long day’s drive.

6. Emergency

Emergency supplies can be a literal lifesaver in times of need. Therefore, truckers must equip their vehicles with first aid kits for minor injuries or discomfort. A safety kit should be on board as well. Further, truckers must carry a flashlight, jumper cables, duct tape, and a small handy toolbox for fixing annoying engine issues. Additionally, an extra water supply can be counted as an emergency supply and must be loaded on the truck. Investing in door sensors and cloud dash cams for emergency situations can further ensure a safe journey and prove to be game-changing accessories.

7. Other Essentials

A USB charger, sleeping pad, and other necessary items must not be overlooked. Short-haul drives can comfortably become long-haul connective drives if the demand arises. The best thing to do while drivers are operating a vehicle, therefore, is to have all the necessary supplies on board. Also, carrying the right paperwork, such as licenses, insurance, and special certificates, is essential.

In a Nutshell

A combination of these accessories can make a long-haul drive more convenient. Alongside comfort and entertainment, they also allow easy navigation, ensuring a safe and easy drive. Now, with technology advancing, truckers can rely on a host of innovations to attain better results. When it’s time to look beyond trucker essentials and focus on the various elements of the drive, check out our portfolio of products for a better trucking experience, and get in touch for a demo today.