19 Must-Have Truck Driver Accessories on the Road

Most long-haul truckers are on-the-go for as long as 11 hours in a day, with an average idle time of over 13 hours a day to rest, relax and recharge. These rest periods can seem tedious unless you prepare yourself with truck driver accessories in advance.

Driver Accessories

Ranging from seat cushions to a 12-volt fan with mounting clip, these items take care of a trucker’s well-being during their time off the road. Don’t worry if your list isn’t ready yet, we’ve got you covered.

Checklist of Truck Driver Accessories

Seat Cushion

Being on the road for indefinite long hours can take a toll on your posture, musculoskeletal health and your overall physical well-being. Having a comfortable seat cushion for those long hours can make all the difference during those long and tedious sitting hours.

Electric Blanket

Summers on the road might be pleasant, but winters are often gloomy and make the time seem slower. Powered through the truck’s electrical system, these blankets offer a cozy solution for rest breaks. Easily portable, they ensure drivers stay comfortable and well-rested, combating fatigue and enhancing overall well-being during extended journeys.


A good night’s sleep is key to minimal driver fatigue and safer journeys on the road. What is an often overlooked element on that front — a comfortable pillow to rest your head on after the long hours behind the wheel. 

Air Mattress & Bedding

Nothing says restful sleep and relaxation like a comfortable air mattress and bedding. Being well-rested during idle time will ensure that you’re active on the road without compromising on your safety due to any kind of fatigue. 

Sunglasses & Sun Visors

According to an article, “Dawn and dusk are prime hours for sun glare accidents. Many collisions happen between 6 to 9 am and 3 to 6 pm when commuters are on the road during seasons when the sun rises and sets during commute times.”

Sunglasses, especially the polarized ones, and sun visors can make a lot of difference for this purpose. Having both these articles always handy in your truck can really step up your safety game behind the wheel.

Driving Gloves

When you’re on the road for 11 to 12 hours at a time, you need to have all ends covered. Even the most minute slip-ups (quite literally!) can cause severe consequences — that’s where driving gloves come in handy. Wearing driving gloves helps your steering wheel grip and reduces hand fatigue with its additional cushioning and support.

Toiletry Bag

Probably one of the most obvious truck driver accessories on our checklist (and most important), one bag that organizes all your personal care essentials — toiletry bag. Packed with your must-have hygiene items, toiletry bags are even better if they have the ability to be hung somewhere, eliminating contact with any unhygienic surfaces.

Cargo Box

When you’re on the road for 11 to 12 hours, you’re bound to be driving with quite a few personal items in your truck. Not having to ransack the entire truck is a great boon when you’re on the clock, this is where having extra cargo boxes on you can prove to be a gamechanger. These cargo boxes will help you be organized while on the road and there’s no loss in carrying some extras (just in case).

Mini Fridge

Picture this, you’ve been on the road for 8 to 9 hours, you decide to hit the brakes for a while and wind down with your favorite cold sandwich. But oh, your sandwich went bad hours ago. Bit of a downer, isn’t it? This scenario is a great instance of how investing in a mini fridge for perishables can make a huge difference to your long-haul drives. Plus, you don’t have to worry about making pit stops every now and then. It’s a win-win!

Instant Pot

An absolute must-have if you’re a trucker who relishes self-cooked food — the instant pot. According to their website “The cooker combines the functions of at least 10 of your kitchen cooking tools”. Plus, there are so many variants to consider and choose from the  number of quarts, the different styles of cooking, and the size of the instant pot. Trust us, this is an investment you won’t regret. 

CB Radio

Picture this, you’re in the middle of a long-haul but you need assistance with a blown tire or recommendations for a good restaurant in the next town. Your mobile phone may be out of network. In that case, a CB radio works like a charm for informal communication over a short distance of up to 15 miles. Even though CB radio signals aren’t far reaching, they come in extremely handy for sharing updates with fellow truckers nearby.

10-Meter Radio

10-meter radios, also known as amateur radios, require a license for long-distance trucker communication. Typically, the 10-meter band supports communication over several hundred miles using SSB voice, RTTY, or PSK31. During optimal conditions like peak solar activity or Sporadic E propagation events, distances over a thousand miles can be achieved on the 10-meter band.

Cell Phone Charger and Mount

The wireless phone charger/phone mount is one of the most excellent truck driver accessories for securing and conveniently accessing your cell phone during long journeys. Its sturdy cradle remains stable in any desired position. You can easily adjust the QI to accommodate phones of any size, and effortlessly place or remove your device from the cradle.
Beyond its secure phone-holding capabilities, it also automatically charges the battery of any wireless-charge smartphone placed in the cradle, eliminating the need for a power cable.

Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headset

Effective Bluetooth headsets are designed to enable hands-free communication for truckers, ensuring focus on driving. Phone calls can divert a driver’s attention from crucial tasks like checking directions and monitoring traffic. A Bluetooth headset eliminates distractions by allowing calls without holding the phone. Truckers can stay on track by accessing GPS directions and maps directly from their dashboard or windshield.

Powered External Speaker for Radio

Even without a diesel engine, trucks can be noisy, especially with added features like big tires and light bars. 

Upgrading speakers is a crucial first move for improved sound, especially in newer trucks with integrated and hard-to-replace factory stereo/control panels. Most factory speakers in trucks aren’t stellar, it’s wise to upgrade sooner rather than later. Aftermarket speakers enhance your stock receiver, significantly improving sound quality.

Seat Organizers

For the long-haulers, the passenger’s seat often serves as a makeshift storage area, neatly piled with essentials—until sudden braking scatters everything under the dash. Keeping items within arm’s reach is practical but requires finesse. That’s where seat organizers make all the difference. The organizers fit on any seat with adjustable headrests. With numerous pockets, durability, and the capacity for items from Altoids to laptops, it’s a handy solution to tidy up. 

Waterproof Car Trash Can

For long haul truck drivers, a waterproof car trash can is a game-changer. Rain or shine, this durable accessory ensures a tidy drive.
Its waterproof feature safeguards against spills and weather, maintaining cleanliness during extended journeys. The secure closure prevents odors from escaping, creating a pleasant driving environment.
The waterproof car trash can’s convenience aids in maintaining focus on the drive, eliminating distractions associated with traditional, less secure alternatives. Easily accessible and easy to clean, it’s an indispensable tool for truckers to enhance organization and hygiene on the open road.

12-Volt Fan With Mounting Clip

Long haul truck drivers benefit greatly from the 12-volt fan with a mounting clip. This portable lifesaver provides instant relief during sweltering journeys.
The secure mounting clip ensures versatility, easily attaching to various surfaces within the cabin. Powered by the truck’s 12-volt system, it delivers a continuous breeze, combating fatigue and enhancing comfort. Ideal for combating heat on the road, this fan is an essential companion for a more enjoyable and focused driving experience.

Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

Long haul truck drivers find immense utility in this compact and portable device that tackles cabin messes effortlessly. Powered through the truck’s 12-volt system, hand-held vacuum cleaners swiftly clean crumbs, dust, and debris, maintaining a tidy environment. Its convenience and efficient suction make quick work of spills and dirt, contributing to a comfortable and hygienic driving space.

In a Nutshell

More than an expense, look at these accessories as an investment to make your long-haul drives more comfortable and convenient. Not just that, these truck driver accessories also allow seamless navigation, ensuring a safe and easy drive.

Now, with technology advancing, truckers can rely on a host of innovations for even better results. When it’s time to look beyond trucker essentials and focus on the other key elements of the drive, check out our portfolio of products for a better trucking experience, or contact us to know more.


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