The Value of Having ELD Compliance, Dashcam, Asset Tracking, and Sensors All in One Platform


The trucking industry is looking to snap back post-pandemic. FTR Transportation Intelligence predictions state that the amount of truck freight will grow 6% in 2021. That makes it even more important for fleet owners to ensure that they manage their assets optimally, ensure ongoing deliveries are trouble-free, and that they always stay compliant. For this, it’s necessary for their equipment to always be up to the mark. That includes having the right dash cams, asset trackers, sensors, ELDs, etc. 

In that scenario, imagine how helpful a multi-purpose platform that combines all the above would be? While these powerful tools do offer value individually, taken together they can deliver even greater impact. That’s why it makes more sense to have a single platform. 

Let’s see why.

A Single System Heightens Efficiency of Data


A dashcam helps fleets collect important data such as braking, hard cornering, collisions, and acceleration. It keeps a check on fraudulent insurance claims against your trucks and also keeps a check on driver behavior. Any fleet needs to have these. Similarly, asset trackers and sensors are also vital. One cannot do away with these. They too provide essential information that can help the company stay updated on the on-goings of their fleet. Door alarms and temperature sensors also help ensure safety and security. This data is also extremely helpful when it comes to claiming insurance if needed.

Collecting all this data separately and deriving conclusions from each set would be complicated and messy. There is also more room for error. It makes more sense to have one platform to collate this information. That makes it easier to compare data as well. This in turn makes it better to analyze the information and draw conclusions. Also, having all these components together leads to more complete data and precise interpretations of the same. That increases the overall efficiency of these processes.

It's Faster to Collect Data

ELD Dispatcher

Instead of grappling with different applications and wasting time trying to infer what the various information means, it’s much faster to have a single point of access to all this information. Otherwise, time can be wasted in collected different sets of information from various devices. It’s faster to collect data from one platform. That speeds up the entire data analyses process as well. It will also be easier to create a map, where you can track different kinds of data simultaneously. For example, GPS asset tracking software gives you a visualized dashboard of your assets on a map. Combined with a dashcam, you can map out where your fleet is geographically, what speeds they’re running at, and more.


Helps Truckers Focus on The Road

Truckers are extremely busy and their work commands total attention. They don’t have the time to keep checking different devices to ensure they’re running efficiently. It can also be time-consuming if they need to activate various devices before, during, or after each trip. But having all these systems in one application reduces their stress. Thus, having a single source of data helps in deriving information at a later stage. It also helps the truckers keep their focus primarily where it needs to be – on the road.

It’s also unrealistic to expect truckers to consolidate different data from separate applications. In case there’s a situation where one needs to compare camera data and sensor data from a specific point in time, one can’t assume that the truck driver will remember the incident accurately. They go on many trips to meet their quotas. Thus, having a single source of data helps in deriving information at a later stage. It also helps the truckers keep their focus primarily where it needs to be – on the road.

Helps Avoiding Fines

All of this will go to waste if you aren’t ELD compliant. That requires a connection to every vehicle’s engine to record whether it’s in motion. It also means creating a way for the drivers to log on and notify whether they’re on-duty or off-duty. It also creates a graphical RODS to notify the driver how many hours he’s driven in a day. These generate a lot of data, which then needs to be supplied in a standard format to the law enforcement individuals in your area via USB or whichever method. An ELD platform ensures that you’re compliant with these requirements and that your ELD meets the required technical specifications. 

Non-compliance is punishable by law, as failing to meet these implies you haven’t taken the necessary precautions required to avoid any accident or mishap from your end. That can result in a bad name for your company and even having your license revoked. Trucking accidents cannot be taken lightly as they can lead to the loss of many lives, including your truck drivers. Trucking companies need to be fully ELD compliant. Having a platform that ensures compliance will help fleet owners shoulder this burden.

By using a platform like ours that is certified to be ELD compliant, and has dashcam, asset tracking, and sensor technology all in one platform will enhance your trucking business by negating accidents, increasing profits, and ensuring safety. Of course, you also get the unbeatable benefit of having to turn to only one vendor in case anything does go wrong or when you want to scale your needs as you grow. Reach out to us if you want to have this conversation!