5 Things the Trucking Industry Can Do to Attract Younger Drivers

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As Gen Z enters the market, it seems that workplaces and jobs are certainly going to undergo a significant change. More than 77% of the Gen Z population has been looking for new jobs, according to a McKinsey study. This demonstrates the abundance of talent in the market, but it can only be utilized if these onlookers are pointed in the right direction and provided with the right perks and appropriate culture that they are constantly seeking. That should be seen as an opportunity by the trucking industry.

According to Statista, by 2030, the driver shortage in the US is forecasted to reach over 162,000, making it one of the biggest concerns for the industry. Not to forget the rising number of retirements, which makes it imperative for businesses to recruit young talent for the trucking industry.

Why Are Youngsters Not Joining Trucking?

There are many misconceptions surrounding the trucking industry, such as those regarding the lifestyle, working hours, and level of danger that is involved in daily operations. However, a lot of these tall tales are simply myths because modern operational excellence and technological advancement have significantly improved working conditions in trucking.

Whether it be for women or veterans, trucking is becoming and has always been an inclusive industry. As of 2022, women make up 13% of the trucking workforce. Likewise, veterans constitute about 10% of the workforce.

As for youngsters, vocational programs have been emerging to pique their interest, considering how the youngsters want to learn something skill-based right from school. For instance, Williamsport High School has, for the first time, offered a course in trucking, changing things on a wider scale and quite earlier in the whole schooling and adulting process. This course has been developed to guide those students in the right direction who aren’t academically motivated but have the desire to focus their energy on garnering practical ideas and methods to earn a living.

“That’s where you make most of your money,” says Joshua Hewitt, a 17-year-old senior at Williamsport High School who’s enrolled in the trucking class. “You can make money in a state, but over state, going from the West Coast to the East Coast — that’s where you make the most money.”

The next question is how trucking companies can foster a positive attitude among a larger audience and potential talent pool. Let us take a look at some ways in which it can be done.

5 Things That Can Attract Young Drivers

1. Quality Trucks with Technology to the Rescue

The next generation is tech-savvy, so it goes without saying that they will be looking for better-quality trucks loaded with technology that will make them feel connected and at home. Everything, from ELDs to cloud-based systems, combines to create a fantastic traveling experience for these youngsters. The trucking companies must make investments in technologies that will position them better in front of Gen Z and millennial employees.

2. Make Trucking Operationally Easy

To ensure that the young people are not only performing well but also staying where they are, fleet and driver management systems must become more straightforward and technically sophisticated. This is crucial because, according to a report, 65% of Gen Z respondents only intend to stay with their employer for a year. Employers would need to implement better work models that keep employees challenged while preventing burnout – to shift this current Gen Z mindset of employer hopping.

3. Using Social Media To Attract Young Talent

A study found that more than 58% of Gen Z users spend 4 hours per day on their phones, mostly on social media. This can be an effective way to get the attention of this generation and educate them about the trucking industry and its value to the national economy. By promoting the appropriate content, trucking companies can help these young people to learn about a side of trucking that they may not have previously known or witnessed. This can also be done via new and improved methods for talent scouting while at the same time improving as well as streamlining the overall hiring process.

4. Offering a Better Culture and Perks

Without a doubt, culture is one of the top qualities sought after by Gen Z employees around the world. According to a Deloitte report, more than 40% of millennials and Gen Z say their employers have not taken any steps to support their mental health when they’ve needed it. Trucking companies must demonstrate and present their commitment to mental health at work to these younger prospects.

5. Branding Is the Key

In a recent interview, a 36-year-old truck driver Clarissa Rankin debunked myths around trucking and presented the industry in the best possible light – bringing modern-day trucking wisdom to the fore. More of these success stories need to be highlighted by trucking companies because trucking is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative industries for future truck drivers, especially financially. Branding will undoubtedly play a crucial role in changing the narrative in front of youngsters.


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