Truckers – It’s Time to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey


It’s time for trucking companies to pick up the pace and use technology to power the digital transformation of their processes. There are many benefits to this. Let’s explore what they are, and how you can use tech to boost your fleet.


Why You Need To Start Your Digital Journey - NOW

Fleet Managers

The right tools can help you keep a detailed method of your logistics. You’d be able to optimize your managerial processes and aid your fleet’s performance. Some more benefits are:

  • Lowering administrative costs for certain processes.
  • Helping you meet the growth in demand boosted by trends in global consumption, urbanization, and trade.
  • Creating more seamless processes that help you conserve your time, energy, and other resources.
  • Enhancing your resource allocation efforts.
  • Improving your customer’s experiences.

If you don’t get on board now, you might be missing out on all these opportunities. Plus, you’ll be left behind. What types of tech can you adopt at the earliest to help you get into the swing of things? Here are a few.

1. Cloud Dashcam

A cloud dashcam is a camera attached to a truck’s windshield or rear-view mirror. It provides coverage of the driver and the front of trucks. These give fleets a sense of safety and security. 

These help monitor the road and other drivers while potentially recording the driver himself. We offer models with and without driver view, both. Some uses for dashcams are:

  • Reducing fake insurance claims.
  • Speeding up any existing insurance claims.
  • Encouraging safety.
  • Monitoring driver safety events such as speeding, sharp turns, harsh acceleration and braking. This data can be used by your safety manager to identify problematic driving practices.
  • Targeting  high-risk drivers for training.
  • Protecting drivers when they aren’t at fault

2.Asset Trackers

There are different kinds of asset trackers, for instance, solar trackers and wired asset trackers. These are highly helpful to keep a tab on your fleet. These are useful for the following:

  • Encouraging truckers to stay on track.
  • Spreading the workload between trucks.
  • Giving you a better understanding of asset utilization.
  • Reducing theft and protecting your equipment.
  • Preventing equipment hoarding.
  • Better maintenance with dependable asset tracking.
Asset Tracker


Dispatcher Screen

There are different types of sensors that you can use to protect your assets and monitor truck activity.

Door sensors are installed on the trailer doors. These help by recording and reporting freight security. You’ll also be able to tell when and where the trailer has been opened. In case of freight damage, theft, human or opioid smuggling, this data will help in identifying suspicious activities. 


Another type of sensor is one that calculates the storage areas temperature. If you’re carrying goods that need to be kept frozen or are only maintained at a specific temperature, you’ll need these sensors. These provide real-time temperature data for the freight. Both the manager and the driver can set the threshold for alerts. That will help them take action if needed. 

Another important function is to record record and report the temperature history of a delivery to be able to guarantee freight quality to the customer. You can then share reports to show that temperature was consistently maintained at specific level, or flag if food might have been damaged.




Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are essential for long haul truck drivers. Of course, they are also mandated by law. That apart, they help truckers increase safety, efficiency, and more.

An important feature here is the real-time visibility for fleet staff such as fleet managers. They can immediately pull-out date about drivers’ HOS compliance, assign unassigned drive time  and schedule training as needed.

ELDs act as in-cab personal assistants for drivers that help them keep track of their time and maximize their time management skills. 

The most important aspect of an ELD is to allow trucking companies to keep their names clear. These act as a ‘black box’, and accurately record driver and vehicle activity. This info is dispatched to the necessary individual. The logging device also lets dispatchers access driver locations and ETAs.

ELDs also help fleets save money. Using them, you can avoid fines, manage incentives, and more.

5.Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Using AI, data analytics, and more, companies can use the above tech and make sense of the information collection.

Many other IoT platforms make you log into separate applications for each device type. But ours is one clean platform that allows you to manage each device’s functionalities from a single point.

This information helps you understand your driver’s patterns better. It helps you play a larger role in supporting them, too. This information can be helpful in many ways. It also helps you make data-driven decisions. You can show the data to prove whatever you’re saying.

This data also helps you analyze the success of whatever measures you implement. You’ll be able to see if your deliveries are being made faster, if your drivers are clocking in the appropriate amount of time and taking breaks when they need to, and more. You’ll also be able to safeguard your company thanks to the different kinds of footage you’ll end up collecting.

These solutions are just the first step to achieving true digital transformation. These are the easiest things you can do to boost your company into the future. Check back with us on our comprehensive range of solutions to kick off your digital transformation journey.