Best & Affordable

ELD Solution

IFTA Calculation  I  Live Tracking | FMCSA Approved


Best & Affordable

ELD System

IFTA Calculations | Live Tracking | FMCSA Approved

Fleet Management System

IoT Platform for any size Fleet. ELD Compliance, Asset Tracking, Sensors all in one Platform

Bluetooth ELD

HOS — DVIR — 24/7 Support

Live GPS Tracking

IFTA Calculation

Fleet Management App

Plug & Go in a minute

FMCSA Approved

Bluetooth ELD

HOS — DVIR — 24/7 Support  Live GPS

IFTA Calculation  Fleet Management App

FMCSA Approved  Plug & Go in a minute

Wired ELD Tablet

HOS — DVIR — 24/7 Support

Live GPS | IFTA Calculation

Ruggedized Tablet

Docking Station

Dual Data Plan Included

Admin Mobile App

FMCSA Approved

Wired ELD Tablet

HOS — DVIR — 24/7 Support — Live GPS

IFTA Calculation — Fleet Management App

Ruggedized Tablet — Docking Station

FMCSA Approved — Data Plan Included

Most Advanced and Intuitive ELD System

24/7 Support helps make DOT compliance easy

Trusted by Owner Operators to Large Fleets

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