How We Approach Building Tech-Heavy Products for the Trucking Industry


The trucking industry is continually evolving, with engineers and developers always creating, testing, and releasing new technology-driven products to improve fleet efficiency and performance. Many powerful features of new-age technologies give truckers and fleet managers access to a range of driving and travel analytics. Trucking companies are also digitally connecting to create that perfect network for faultless operations. 


The seamless integration of technological solutions is the key to achieving the perfect balance in trucking fleet management. It’s time to make the right investment, equip your fleet with the best technology, and stay on track. 

Driven by the Philosophy of Better Fleet Management

Trucking companies are constantly under pressure to scale up and improve. They keep thinking of strategies that will make them more competitive and efficient. The bottom line is to widen the customer base and increase the cash flow. 


At TruckX, we are a part of a massive ongoing change in fleet management technologies driven by highly-functional products. These solutions are easy to install and use, ensuring that your trucking company attains its target objective effortlessly.


Here is an overview of our approach to building technology-led solutions for fleets of any size. 

IoT Platform for Any Size Fleet

Internet of Things (IoT) is influencing the trucking industry with better fleet management using optimal location tracking, superior environment sensing, eco-friendly shipping, and of course, better supply-demand balance. 


This is accomplished using a network of devices across vehicles that actively share data. A network of sensors mounted on a truck can monitor everything, from tire pressure to the driver’s brake slamming force. The resulting network of shared information can radically improve truck and fleet movement with minimal human intervention. 


For instance, our wireless temperature sensors pair with our wired asset tracker to give temperature and humidity alerts. It allows for monitoring reefer temperature in compliance with Food Safety Management System while using our unique mobile app anytime and anywhere. It’s the best way to keep a tab on the precious cargo with active alerts in case of any change in temperature and humidity. 

Cloud Dashcam

Humans have been behind the wheel for decades, ensuring that goods arrive safe and secure. Now, technology is accompanying detecting and preventing accidents. Cloud Dashcam, developed by TruckX, allows you, as a fleet owner, to observe and rectify driver behavior.


The dashcam lets you detect aggressive driving habits that can be termed unsafe. It enables you to investigate when a driver applies more force than is normal to the vehicle’s brake system and record events of sudden and/or sharp turns. In the event of an accident, collision, or any problematic driving behavior, the video is automatically transmitted to the cloud. Its 4G capabilities allow you to respond and take action immediately.  


It is undoubtedly a big help in preventing fake and phony insurance claims. You can prevent drivers from making potential false claims when taken to court with concrete evidence from your video data saved in the cloud. The gadget helps stream instant acmes to mobile or web apps for clear documentation. 


In essence, the forward-facing dashcam brings out the truth of any incident and saves companies from doling out millions in compensation. 

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking nurtures the peace of mind to locate any asset anytime. In fact, asset tracking is among the primary concerns of most trucking companies. Installing solar-powered or even wired asset trackers lets you monitor truck drivers and ensure they are on route safely. 


Tracking all your equipment and gaining visibility of your fleet will infinitely increase your company’s efficiency, gain more customers, and ultimately maximize ROI. The gadgets are engineered to give out geofence alerts to help identify and mitigate their theft or unauthorized use. At the same time, it gives you the advantage of tracking usage and engine hours for precise billing and deployment. 


These Bluetooth-enabled devices go on to detect motion and provide real-time tracking. Wirelessly connected with sensors, they can be installed in 10 minutes to become a practical part of your truck fleet management. 


With more focus on security, TruckX lets you get complete control over your fleet’s security. These advanced communication systems are worth the investment, and the cloud services are entirely on an on-demand basis. 

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance is a mandate, and commercial trucking operations will need them to continue smoothly. TruckX ELD is a plug-and-play device that is quick to install and has an easy-to-use drive app. 


It efficiently manages drive logs while staying updated with the latest FMCSA compliance. Having them on your trucks lets you get live GPS locations of the vehicles. Live location tracking, route history of the trucks, and HOS violation alerts let you be in control of your fleet. 


In case of any logbook violation, you get instant dispatcher alerts for you to swing into action. All services come at affordable cloud service rates that justify the ROI against them.