Multi-Language 24/7 Customer Support: Its Necessity and Benefits.

Long-haul trucking fuels the American economy, and rightfully so! As highlighted by the American Trucking Association, trucks transport around 72.6% of the United States’ freight by weight. Drivers drive millions of miles annually, so it is no surprise that any unanticipated issues can arise.

Additionally, the industry is becoming more diverse. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of foreign-born truck drivers has doubled from 315,981 in 2000 to 720,000 in 2021.
Imagine your truck driver is stuck on the highway and does not understand English. How will he communicate? 

Recent findings of the study conducted by Zippia on their extensive nationwide database revealed that around 75% of truck drivers preferred Spanish as a foreign language. This implies that most drivers like to communicate in a language other than English.

So, what’s the remedy? Two words: Multilingual support!


TruckX’s innovative 24/7 multilingual customer support (on-call and live chat) allows drivers and fleet managers to seek assistance in their preferred language without getting stuck in any automatic response loop. Read on to learn more about how it solves the challenges drivers face on the road and its key advantages.

Challenges Drivers Face on the Road

Truck drivers navigate a complex and demanding environment. These are some of the common challenges they encounter:

    • Technical issues: Software malfunctions delay the data transfer, hinder your driving status, and cause log violations, which can result in high fines. TruckX’s 24/7 multi-language customer support helps you resolve all these issues.
    • Regulations and Permits: Staying compliant with ever-changing rules across different jurisdictions can be a hassle. TruckX’s ELD assists you with all the necessities.
    • Language barriers: Non-native English-speaking drivers may struggle to communicate effectively. TruckX’s 24/7 (live chat and on-call) multi-language support ensures help with anything drivers need on the go without any automatic response loop or long wait times.

What is Multi-Language Support?

Simply, multilingual or multi-language support refers to assistance provided to drivers in languages other than English. It is a strategic business move focused on catering to the country’s changing demographics of truck drivers and the global nature of our perpetually growing industry.

Importance of Multilingual Support

With the industry growing and becoming increasingly diverse, you must cater to the diverse needs of your drivers, especially language, as it can cause significant barriers for drivers, mainly those who can’t speak English. It impacts your drivers’ ability to report software glitches or any unanticipated issues that cause logging violations. 

Remember, these violations motivate authorities to fine you and your fleet. In some cases, these fines have caused business downfalls. You don’t want that, right?
TruckX’s 24/7 multi-language support ensures your drivers are safe, informed, and unstuck. Our 24/7 tele-support (on call) helps drivers navigate ELD and compliance without wait times or auto-response loops.

TruckX provides assistance in five different languages:

    • English  
    • Spanish  
    • Hindi  
    • Punjabi  
    • Russian

This customer-first approach allows TruckX consumers to steer through the roads and increase efficiency safely.

Advantages of 24/7 Multi-language Support for Owner-Operators

    • Faster Issue Resolution: With immediate and around-the-clock aid in their preferred language, drivers can explain the issues quickly and get timely solutions, minimizing downtime.
    • Product Navigation: Steering through the product can sometimes be complex and highly technical. Getting stuck or missing logs can result in high fines. TruckX’s 24/7 multilingual on-call support helps you seamlessly navigate the ELD compliance and fleet management technology.
    • Improved Compliance: Rules and laws can sometimes be ambiguous and complex. However, with 24/7 multi-language support, drivers can seek expert assistance in their preferred language and confidently adhere to regulations.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: Quick issue resolutions translate into reduced downtime and improved on-time delivery rates that transcend previous efficiencies. This is a financial win for your fleet!

Benefits of TruckX’s 24/7 Multilingual Support for Trucking Fleets

    • Cost Reduction: On-time deliveries result in minimized downtime, which leads to higher fuel savings and maintenance and lower fines for non-compliance. Additionally, readily available support can handle emergencies more efficiently, leading to less physical damage and lower insurance premiums. This all adds up to significant cost savings for your trucking fleet.
    • 24×7 Backup: Adding a new truck to your fleet can be technical, complex, and tiresome. However, with TruckX’s 24/7 customer support, you don’t have to break your sweat. Call us around the clock, and our experts will assist you seamlessly.
    • Diverse Workforce: One key industry-wide issue is driver shortages. According to the American Trucking Association, the driver shortage could reach 160,000 by 2030, making it an all-time high. Multilingual support can address this problem by attracting and retaining a wider pool of qualified drivers.
    • Satisfied Customers: A happy customer transcends all business strategies, and delivering on time and safely is a way to keep customers satisfied.

In today’s dynamic trucking industry, prioritizing clear communication and drivers’ well-being empowers you to build a loyal and productive workforce.


As the world moves toward more diverse and global transportation, it is critical to look for solutions that use new technology and innovation to pave the way. This blog discusses how multilingual customer support is the way forward and how its advantages benefit owner-operated and fleet-managed transportation with TruckX’s 24/7 multi-language customer support, you can prioritize your fleet, increase efficiency, and grow exponentially. Contact us today to learn how we can transform your fleet.