The Skills We Value at TruckX


TruckX is part of a dynamic environment and to a large extent, it’s our tech team that helps us stay ahead. To make it in the world of technology, many technical and non-technical skills help an individual stand out. Along with knowing how to write impeccable code and create programs, many other technology skills have become necessary in our environment. 

In this article, we will explore these skills and why we value them as much as hardcore technical skills.

User-Oriented Product Development

Building a successful software product needs more than just software skills. Whether it’s product development or the design process – keeping the user at the core of the process is a skill we at TruckX greatly appreciate. We want our products to be the perfect solutions for our customer’s needs. A good product has to be highly functional. While many are tempted to create a ground-breaking service or device. But what’s the use if no one needs it? Each part of the product needs to be useful.

We want our employees to first understand the problems out there in the market, and then develop solutions to them. This requires tons of research, a sense of empathy towards the customers, and a problem-solving outlook.

User-Focused Design

ELD Dispatcher

Another desirable quality is the ability to create easy-to-use designs. The end-user experience must be convenient. What’s the point of the best product if a trucker needs a Ph.D. to use it? If it’s time and energy-consuming to use, that’s counterproductive. Good product design focuses on how each design feature will be useful for the client and how easy it will be for them to gain from. If the designer keeps in mind how, when, and where the end-user will be interacting with the product, their designs will be more user-centric. In the trucking industry, truckers and fleet managers can’t spend much time using complicated software as their focus must be on the road. This is why it’s extremely important to create highly usable designs.

High-Velocity Execution

Speed of executing software products is extremely important. Technology is a dynamic industry that moves at a very fast pace. Companies that can create high-quality products faster than the competitors end up filling more contracts, acquiring and retaining new customers, and open new vistas faster. This is a space where regulations change often. That’s why our industry puts more importance on the time factor and why we need to roll out newer features as fast as possible. We, of course, value quality work, but speed is just as important a factor.

Make Relevant Changes Quickly

New HOS Rules

Since it’s important to execute products with speed, it’s also essential to supplement that with speedy changes in each product when needed. In case there are updates or errors to fix, speed is of the essence. A TruckX-er understands the time-bound nature of our space. Time is a precious commodity, especially in the trucking industry. Knowing your craft well enough to implement changes quickly and efficiently is a skill we value.

Must Use the Latest Tools and Technology

Tools help us save time, reduce errors, and adhere to standards. That’s why knowledge of the tools that work for us is crucial. For instance, tools such as ClickUp, Figma, Google docs, and more, help our professionals work efficiently. From the simple to the specific, an array of tools help us streamline each process. These tools also aid in teamwork as they foster collaboration. It’s also essential to understand the technology waves sweeping through our industry like IoT, Analytics, etc. After all, to make pioneering products, one must use the latest technology. It helps us stay up-to-date and relevant in this constantly evolving industry.

Result-Oriented, Measurable Approach

Result Oriented

The business is all about adding new customers and users to our Fleet Management suite of solutions. We are uber-focused on SaaS-like metrics such as new users per month, recurring revenues, and more, and our people must be too! This keeps us focused on delivering the desired results month after month. We value technologists who can utilize their skills and come up with results that are measurable and demonstrably effective. This is what helps reduce churn as well and helps us retain our customer base time and time again. This confidence in our ability to execute to plan is useful in creating strategies for future growth. 

Project Management

Project Management

Good project management skills can help protect team objectives from issues such as skill gaps, overshooting the schedule, and other potential threats. Good project managers would be able to create, communicate, and execute a strong project strategy. Project management skills help deliver value constantly and consistently, and with high quality. Within project management, skills such as change management and communication can enhance other more technical skills. Individuals with a professional certification in project management would do well in our environment.

These are the most useful skills that we value at TruckX, but it doesn’t end here. We also value non-technical skills, such as commitment to excellence, foresight, dedication to creating value, and team spirit. These when combined with the above technological skills help us serve our customers to the best of our ability. Do you have what it takes to make a mark in a field as dynamic as software for the trucking industry? Then TruckX is the environment for you.